Domain Registrations

As a service to my existing clients, plus any new ones that may come along, I am now offering domain registration services (including renewals and transfers). Specifically, I am a reseller for the excellent "Tucows" domain registrar, which offers an easy-to-use online management tool which allows you to easily make changes to your registration data.

Alas, my own end of things is rather low-tech. Basically, you give me the information and send me the money, and I take care of your registration MANUALLY. There's a list of information I need you to send me, and a couple of policies to read as well, and of course you need to either PayPal the money to me or mail me a money order.

Pricing (no GST charged):

In all cases, you must first read and agree to the following Master Contract and ICAAN Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP). Do not send me any information or money until and unless you have read and agreed to these items.

Some top-level domains have residence requirements. Others have different requirements that MUST be adhered to - these are spelled out in the above Master Contract.